My name is Alenka Gorjan, B.S. in Biology, entrepreneur and the owner of the Madly Muddy dog school (orig. Blazno Blatno), which I estabished in year 2011. I am agility instructor, certified professional dog trainer licensed by the Cynological Association Slovenia and qualified herding judge. With border collies Fjodor, Vitjan and Lila I compete in the most demanding agility category A3. All three of them also help me demonstrate practical exercises during my lessons.

Without my dog Fjodor the story about dog school would never have begun. Since I enjoy an active lifestyle I wanted a dog that I could take everywhere – in the city, on various trips and longer vacations. With Fjodor we started attending the dog school as soon as it was possible. When he was old enough we passed the companion dog test BH with flying colors. After that we started preparations for sheep herding exam which we later passed on the first try. Fjodor is also a certified therapy dog and passionate for agility.

Quite unplanned, Fjodor and I welcomed a new dog in our family – Vitjan who always makes me laugh with his endless positive energy. Vitjan is excellent at dog shows, is Slovenian Beauty Champion (Ch. SLO) and Slovenian Junior Beauty Champion (Ch. J. SLO), he passed the companion dog test BH and is currently in training for therapy dog work. In Jully 2019, me and Vitjan were part of Slovenian national team on European Open Agility which was held in Netherlands.

Last but not least is Lila, my mother’s dog, that spends most of her time with me at my lessons and dog walks. Like her uncles Fjodor and Vitjan, also Lila has passed the companion dog test BH. She is currently mostly training Agility, but she has a lot of potential and will certainly be successful in many disciplines.

You are probably wondering how and why I have chosen the name for my business? Why Madly Muddy? If you truly work with your dog, you will never return from a walk or dog school clean, but you will get muddy at least a little bit. I believe you and your dog will be madly muddy at the courses you will choose.

I believe there are lots of dog owners that enjoy an active lifestyle with their four-legged friends. They are aware that owning a dog means having a certain, life-fulfilling lifestyle and I would like to offer these dog owners the best courses at Madly Muddy dog school.