Madly Determined

Madly Determined is an upgrade course for all who finished the courses Madly Young and Madly Teenagery. It is intended for everyone that want to extend their knowledge about obedience, and also learn some new tricks in the training field as well as in the city. The average age predicted for the course is from 6 months on.

The course consists of 15 lessons, lasting about 45 min, and is intended to extend the knowledge about obedience in the training field and also in the city centre. We visit the urban areas four times. During the walks in the city we practice obedience exercises acquired previously in the training field. We learn about different dog tricks that are usually more advanced than in the previous courses, because we want to provide new challenges for the participants. If the exercises learned during the classes are also practiced at home, by the end of the course participants will have mastered the basics of obedience work, including elements required to pass the Slovenian obedience exam.

Why visit the course?

Teenagers, especially canine ones, can sometimes be too hot to handle, since they are capricious, stubborn and always trying to test our limits. The course Madly Determined allows you to meet other owners of teenage dogs and through sharing experience you get to know everyone is going through the same phase. Visiting the courses represents a new challenge for your dog and at the same time keeps him occupied in order not to think about chasing the neighbour’s cat or barking at the postman.

Price: 150€