Madly Educated

I developed this program with the help of my knowledge from different cynological disciplines, that are usually left out, I spiced it with tests and finished with a lot of possibilities for handlers and their dogs to socialize among themselves.

The course Madly Educated is intended for handlers that participated in Madly Determined course. It is also recommended that you have already passed one of the basic obedience tests (A, BH). Madly Educated is appropriate for dog owners who want to keep their dog occupied in a quality manner, owners who like challenges and are eager to practice an exercise learned in the course also at home.

The course takes place once per week and consists of 20 lessons. The trainings usually last around 45 minutes, while the walk in the city centre lasts about an hour and the trip which lasts a couple of hours.

At the beginning we focus on the basics of obedience. Some of the lessons we spend getting to know Rally Obedience exercises and learning more complex tricks. I would like to emphasise that this is not Rally Obedience training, since some of the exercises are adapted according to the class needs. During the class we also get to know the basics of dog massage. Included in the course are also various walks in the city center and a trip for the whole group.

Madly Educated also have to pass three tests, one happening in the city center. Despite the tests and more complex exercises, the course is oriented in socializing for owners as well as their dogs.

Course specifics:

The course is carried out two times per year, usually in spring and autumn.

Price: 220€

Special price: 180€