Madly Friendly

Madly Friendly is a course intended for all dog owners that successfully finished the Madly Determined course and want to develop the following skills; stability no matter the environment, useful obedience exercises in numerous everyday situations, working with different equipment and with different handlers.

Why Madly Friendly?

The decision to make such a specific course came from the fact that we encounter many situations that are unnatural and stressful for our dog. To mention just a few; meeting people from all generations and interacting with them, visiting unknown closed spaces, hosting guests at home, or just cooperating with other family members, friends or even new encounters. All these situations can and will happen, since dogs become a big part of our life and we include them in our everyday lives.

Rest assured, these events can be quite unnatural and mostly stressful for our canine companions. Therefore every owner must know their dog very well, understand canine body language and react on time, when necessary. We have to support our dogs, understand where are their limits and make sure that safety comes first. Upon successfully completing the course, every handler will be able to critically evaluate which events cause stress for their dog and help him in overcoming this stress or fear from unknown and realistically assess when a retreat is necessary.

Course content

The course is quite intense, since it consists of 10 lessons all about an hour long, carried out once per week. The course takes place in the warmer months of the year, since a lot of exercises are performed on the ground.

The course is diverse, since we discuss a new topic each hour. We also host some guests from different fields of cynology. We discuss dog therapy, meet different institutions and their employees who are licenced to prepare and execute the program with therapy dog and his owner, and other therapy teams.

Course specifics:

The course is carried out two times per year, usually in spring and autumn.

The path of becoming a therapy team with my dog Fjodor and where we are today:

  • May, 2010: Socialisation course in dog school ŠKK Vrhnika.
  • November, 2010: Animal-Assisted Therapy testing.
  • June, 2011: Excelled BH test in dog school ŠKK Vrhnika.
  • August, 2012: Finished training and apprenticeship, and were acknowledged as therapy team in one of the dog therapy organizations.
  • October, 2013: Certified R.E.A.D. team.
  • September, 2013: At the Symposium Magic Touch in Maribor I attended the workshop led by Nataša Ogrin Jurjevič.
  • November, 2013: I participated at a conference “Learning difficulties with mathematics and Slovene – a challenge for students and teachers” as a co-author of the article “Therapy dogs help students with overcoming their learning difficulties” (with Tjaša Kanalec and Mojca Gregorič).
  • With my dog Fjodor, we regularly visit retirement homes, special needs schools, read with kids in the library, perform presentations at kindergartens, schools and life care centers in the region of Primorska.

Important! This course is not obligatory for you to participate in any kind of organizations, but it will improve your work with patients.

Price: 120€