Madly Individual

Dog training tailored for your needs.

In-home visits are usually performed for owners whose timetables do not allow them to visit one of the offered classes, they want to learn about certain situation that is occurring only at home, or when unwanted behaviour is noticed in very specific situations.

The program is adjusted to your wishes. We spend the first hour discussing about your dog and his behavious, and I pose a large number of questions so I can get to know your dog and can structure a program focused on you and your dog.

Since every program is tailored for your needs, the number of hours are not defined in advance.

Price per hour: 30€ (+0,18€ na km, for areas out of Nova Gorica)

If your lifestyle is too chaotic to attend any of the fixed timetable classes, you can benefit from individual courses. This hours are intended also for dogs that are not socialized enough, have difficulties in joining a group or simply want to expand their knowledge on a certain topic.

At the introductory hour we get to know you and your dog, we prepare the detailed plan of work tailored for your expectations and wishes, but also modified to the personality of your dog. We also decide upon number of hours your want to dedicate for your dogs education.

Price per hour: 25€

Agility training hours are usually practiced in groups, since the dogs have to get used to other dogs being present at competitions. There is more than 120 competing couples in Slovenia, sometimes even more than 200, so be prepared, because it can get crowded.

But nevertheless I can understand there is a need for individual agility training hours, where you might want to resolve a specific problem you face, maybe you have nonadjustable timetable, or you want to have even more intense agility trainings tailored for your needs.

This individual training hours are the best investment in your handling and your dog’s agility future, since with only one participant I can focus only on you. I also monitor time and progress. We can also arrange to record your runs, in order to better monitor your personal progress.

Price per hour: 20€