Madly Teenagery

This course is intended for dogs older than 5 months. It is composed of 15 lessons, scheduled once per week, mostly in the training field, while the last two lessons happen in urban area. The lessons are about 45 min long. If the dogs are used to interaction with one another we unleash them in the training field, so they are enabled to play safe.

Course goal:

To present the basics of obedience that are upgraded during class. Participants learn some methods that make dog walks easier. We also spend two lessons to learn about clicker training. One lesson is about developing dog’s skills in the Madly Muddy dog park. During the course we get to know dog’s mimics, body language and what is the dog trying to communicate with us. We also discus dog’s diet, health and daily routine. During the visit of urban area we focus on learning dog urban etiquettes. We can also modify the contents of the course regarding the wishes of participants.

Why Madly Muddy?

Since I know it is difficult to remember everything learnt during the class, I print out materials for each and every course participant about the lectures learnt that day. Until this day, I think I am the only one in our region to have this way of teaching. The course groups are small, from 3 to 6 participants, which allows me to focus on each and every course participant and also hold a quality class and the possibility to answer all concerning questions the participants might have.

Price: 160€