Madly Walked

Your dog deserves the best care!

I offer dog walking and in-home visits for owners who from various reasons cannot offer their pets the proper walk.

Before we even begin with the walks, we have to organize a meeting, so I can get to know my four-legged customer.

This first visit is free of charge; its purpose is to talk about the routine of your dog and his knowledge of basic commands. I also have a questionnaire, where I register as much details as I can about your dog.

I also prepare the terms of our agreement. At the end of the visit we take a short walk with your dog, so I can make sure I can offer the maximum service. With this walk I get to know your dog and his habits, while you, as the owner can see for your own eyes that your dog is in good hands and I can give you the opportunity to decide whether you like my methods.

I never agree to take care of a dog, without carrying out this “first meeting”.

I usually take the dogs for a walk in Nova Gorica and its surroundings.

Download the questionnaire
Dog walking


I will take your dog for a walk where you usually take him, so he can read the dog news and stretch out his legs. Your dog will have to respect the rules of urban dog etiquette, in order that meeting other people, dogs or traffic won’t pose him any problems.

You can choose between three different lengths of the dog walk: 30, 45 and 60 minutes.


The educational walk is intended to refresh the exercises learnt in dog school or to improve the commands your dog already knows. I choose the location of the walk according to the exercises I will perform with your dog (urban areas, cycling lane, staircase etc.). I plan the program in advance, so your dog enjoys educational but also relaxing parts of the walk. It is up to you to update me on previous knowledge your dog has and decide which exercises you want to improve or teach your dog. Considering your suggestions and wishes I prepare the program, so you can also monitor the progress your dog makes.

The educational walk lasts for about 45 minutes.


Is intended for dogs that are used to an active lifestyle with their owners. I drive your dog in nature, as close to his home as possible. We use the long sport leash and go for a run (or jogging). During the session I pay close attention to your dog if he shows any signs of stress or uneasiness. I always carry enough water with me. Considering the needs of your dog we take more or less breaks intended for hydration and rest. This type of walks is performed early in the mornings or late in the afternoon. Before we begin the running sessions every owner has to fill in a questionnaire about their dog and his physical state, previous injuries, deformities or diseases, that could prevent your dog from enjoying at active walks. Upon your request I can also prepare the progress report.

The session last around 45 minutes.


Dogs are also sociable creatures like ourselves, but it is irresponsible to unleash them in urban areas. Therefore I drive your dog (or dogs) in the Madly Muddy dog park where he can play safely with his friends. Before meeting other dogs I take your dog for a short walk, so he can “do his thing” and use the excessive energy.

The walk is organized for well socialized dogs, visited the dog school, where playing with other dogs was included in the program. The sociable walk is perfect for the dogs of two or more dogs, that are used to playing in numbers, so I can allow them to exercise and play at the same time.

The session lasts around 60 minutes.

In-home visits

When you are away for more than one day, I can offer also in-home visits, since from perspective of your dog, your absence is less stressfull if he spends the time in his home. The visit usually includes one or more walks, dog feeding and care. Before your departure we make a detailed plan, so your dog gets the care he deserves, including proper feeding, enough mental and physical work.