Madly Young

Is intended for all owners and small pups till the age of 5 months. It consists of 15 lessons, that last about 45 minutes once per week. The first few hours are usually shorter and more theoretical since puppies can’t concentrate for long. We cover the topics like diet, sleeping, health, daily scedule and schooling of your dog. At the end of every hour we let the dogs play, since playing with their peers is an important part of growing up. We spend most of the lessons in the training field of Madly Muddy, while during the last two lessons we go for a walk in the city centre. In the city we learn the importance of urban dog etiquette. The goal of the course is focusing more on upbringing than schooling, with big emphasis on observing the dog’s behaviour, since it’s important for the owner to understand their dog and their mimics and body language. We teach young pups through game, so for them bonding with us represents joy. After successfully finishing the course we discuss the options for continuing the education regarding the wishes and needs of the handlers.

Why start so early?

You should visit the dog school early since dogs is imprinting and collecting informations about their surroundings since the early age, so it is easier for them to get good memories, if we point you in the right directions and tell you for how long to expose your puppy to their surrounding.

Why Madly Muddy?

I know it is difficult to memorize everything learned at the course. That is the reason why I print out materials about exercises learned that day. I may be the only one with this system in our region. The groups of course participants are usually small, from 3 to 6 participants, which allows me to focus each and every handler and their dog, and also guarantee quality work and the possibility to answer all the additional questions which my participants might have.

Price: 160€