General information:

Business name:: Blazno blatno šolanje in sprehajanje psov, Alenka Gorjan s.p.

Address:: Pod vinogradi 31, 5250 Solkan

Telephone: +386 40 751 150


Registration number: 3894452000

VAT number (non-taxable person): 39394131

Current account: IBAN SI56 0444 4011 3595 158 (NOVA KBM d.d.)

Data protection:

We will never forward, sell, lease or otherwise trade your personal information. We shall house all data on clients in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law. Client agrees to accept that personal data can be used for the purpose of improving the service.


All rights reserved. The content of this webpage is owned by Blazno blatno, Alenka Gorjan, s.p. No part of this webpage may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the owner’s permission.

Complaints and disputes

The service provider respects the active laws and legislation about consumer protection. The service provider will try to develop a fair dispute resolution procedure and appoint a person who you can turn to in case of complaint or dispute by the telephone or email. You can file a complaint at e-mail:

The procedure of handling the complaint is confidential.